What If I’m Over 50?

As you probably already know for those of us over 50 it gets harder to shed those unwanted pounds and shape those difficult areas of our bodies into the look we all long to reclaim.

The primary reason is our metabolism slows greatly as we grow older and our level of energy decreases as well. More importantly, a host of other health related issues may also come in to play.

Let’s face it, those strenuous work outs and fitness machines we see advertised are best left to the 25 and 30 year olds.

So what’s the answer for you?

Nutrition is the key for those 50 years of age and beyond who desire to lose weight and feel great in the years to come.

Isabel De Los Rios has developed a very comprehensive guide that walks you through a simple day to day plan to help you boost your metabolism naturally as well as increase your vitality. It’s not about starving yourself. In fact, it’s about eating more often and knowing the foods that naturally burn fat with out exercise and having an awareness of just a hand full of foods you should avoid.

Once again, The Diet Solution Program earns the highest marks for safe, effective weight loss especially for those over 50.

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TV Weight Loss Awareness

One important note you must keep in mind concerning any weight loss program you see advertised on TV is the fact that practically anyone with a product to sell can appear on TV. Just because a weight loss product or program is advertised on TV does not have any bearing on whether or not it gets great results or is a waste of your time and money.

Providing the owner of the company marketing the product has the ability to pay someone to shoot an infomercial or to pay a celebrity to endorse their product essentially that is all that is required to show up on your TV screen.

More often than not people just assume that “if it’s seen on TV, it’s got to be good”. The truth is the overwhelming majority of seen on TV weight loss programs and products are a waste of your time and money. Only once in a great while does a really good program come along that produces positive results. Actually, our research tells us only about one in twenty are truly effective for most people to obtain the results they desire and saw advertised on TV.

How do we know that??

We use a dual rating system involving the latest clinical studies from leading medical experts coupled with closely tracking real customer results of each and every weight loss product you see advertised on TV.

Rest assured that if we have reviewed it and it has our recommendation, it not only works but gets great results for a large majority of people.

To further protect you we have never recommended any weight loss program or product that is not backed by a 100% no questions asked, hassle free, money back guarantee.

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Review of SensaTrial.com As Seen On TV

Sensa TrialDO ACTUAL USERS SAY IT WORKS or will you be surprised by the latest findings on SensaTrial.com

Developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, Sensa is a very new and different approach to weight loss. However, it is not necessarily a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

The product is sprinkled on food to try to fool your senses into making you feel full and satisfied so you won’t eat as much. In other words, diminish your appetite.

May sound pretty good so far but what about good nutrition? It has been medically proven that a poor diet and bad eating habits are by far the biggest contributors to obesity. If you visit senstrial.com you will find no information on healthy eating and what foods you should avoid. The premise of “eat anything you want just less of it and you will lose weight” is a myth. Healthy and sustained weight loss is about knowing what foods naturally burn fat and what foods store fat.

After the free trial offer on sensatrial.com the product is very expensive.

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Review of SixWeekBody.com As Seen On TV

Six Week BodyDOES IT WORK and can you rely on the testimonials you saw on TV or SixWeekBody.com?

Michael Thurmond’s SixWeekBody.com promises you can lose up to 30 lbs. in just six weeks. Can it??

If you are not confused enough yet, there are 2 other infomercials for the same program. Try6WeekBody.com and Get6WeekBody.com.

First you must take a metabolism test to identify your body type and follow an eating plan specific to your body type. The theory is that if you eat the foods recommended for your body type and continue a light workout of only 15-20 minutes twice a week you will lose 30 pounds in as little as six weeks time.

The truth is there is absolutely no clinical research out there to support these claims. It simply defies common sense and does not promote a safe and healthy program or lifestyle. Even though losing 30 pounds in six weeks is possible, sculpting your body for a complete and total makeover at the same time is, shall we be kind and say, “highly unlikely” and for sure not very healthy.

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