Review of Think And Lose Weight Loss Program As Seen On TV

Think and Lose weight loss program seen on TV was developed by hypnotherapist Dan Mannarino. The biggest issue we and many users of the program have experienced is the claims of weight loss results without any effort on the part of the dieter whatsoever other than listening to the CDs. Think and Lose relies on the power of hypnosis and offers suggestions to the listener’s subconscious mind in hopes to change how we think about food. However, it does not give customers anything specific about how to make healthy food choices or even recommending a fitness routine.

Even though hypnosis has been medically proven to help people quit smoking, lose weight, etc. it is mostly effective for binge eaters and has no long term effect to help you keep weight off and create a healthy lifestyle.

If this sounds like something you could possibly benefit from the CD’s are available only at for $39.95

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