Review of As Seen On TV

Six Week BodyDOES IT WORK and can you rely on the testimonials you saw on TV or

Michael Thurmond’s promises you can lose up to 30 lbs. in just six weeks. Can it??

If you are not confused enough yet, there are 2 other infomercials for the same program. and

First you must take a metabolism test to identify your body type and follow an eating plan specific to your body type. The theory is that if you eat the foods recommended for your body type and continue a light workout of only 15-20 minutes twice a week you will lose 30 pounds in as little as six weeks time.

The truth is there is absolutely no clinical research out there to support these claims. It simply defies common sense and does not promote a safe and healthy program or lifestyle. Even though losing 30 pounds in six weeks is possible, sculpting your body for a complete and total makeover at the same time is, shall we be kind and say, “highly unlikely” and for sure not very healthy.

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