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Sensa TrialDO ACTUAL USERS SAY IT WORKS or will you be surprised by the latest findings on

Developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, Sensa is a very new and different approach to weight loss. However, it is not necessarily a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

The product is sprinkled on food to try to fool your senses into making you feel full and satisfied so you won’t eat as much. In other words, diminish your appetite.

May sound pretty good so far but what about good nutrition? It has been medically proven that a poor diet and bad eating habits are by far the biggest contributors to obesity. If you visit you will find no information on healthy eating and what foods you should avoid. The premise of “eat anything you want just less of it and you will lose weight” is a myth. Healthy and sustained weight loss is about knowing what foods naturally burn fat and what foods store fat.

After the free trial offer on the product is very expensive.

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