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On this page you will find detailed reviews of a variety of weight loss programs out there, especially the ones you will find advertised on TV.

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The Latest Update on Weight Loss Program and What You May Want to Know Before You Invest Your Money.

Robert Ferguson’s Food Lovers Fat Loss System is not new to the world of “weight loss” programs. It is simply the same old message in a different package.

The very thought of anyone eating all the foods they love as often as the want and consistently losing weight is just not entirely accurate. Food Lovers Fat Loss is no more than a clever marketing scheme designed to make you think that you don’t have to change a thing and the pounds will just fly off your body.
Although some of the information in the Food Lovers Offer may be true, most of the important info is left out such as which foods are natural fat burners and which foods are actually harmful in any amounts. has been around for several years now and the amazing part is we still have not seen any clinical proof that their system is a safe and healthy weight loss program.


Think and Lose weight loss program seen on TV was developed by hypnotherapist Dan Mannarino. The biggest issue we and many users of the program have experienced is the claims of weight loss results without any effort on the part of the dieter whatsoever other than listening to the CDs. Think and Lose relies on the power of hypnosis and offers suggestions to the listener’s subconscious mind in hopes to change how we think about food. However, it does not give customers anything specific about how to make healthy food choices or even recommending a fitness routine.

Even though hypnosis has been medically proven to help people quit smoking, lose weight, etc. it is mostly effective for binge eaters and has no long term effect to help you keep weight off and create a healthy lifestyle.

If this sounds like something you could possibly benefit from the CD’s are available only at for $39.95


DO ACTUAL USERS SAY IT WORKS or will you be surprised by the latest findings on

Developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, Sensa is a very new and different approach to weight loss. However, it is not necessarily a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

The product is sprinkled on food to try to fool your senses into making you feel full and satisfied so you won’t eat as much. In other words, diminish your appetite.

May sound pretty good so far but what about good nutrition? It has been medically proven that a poor diet and bad eating habits are by far the biggest contributors to obesity. If you visit you will find no information on healthy eating and what foods you should avoid. The premise of “eat anything you want just less of it and you will lose weight” is a myth. Healthy and sustained weight loss is about knowing what foods naturally burn fat and what foods store fat.

After the free trial offer on the product is very expensive.


DOES IT WORK and can you rely on the testimonials you saw on TV or

Michael Thurmond’s promises you can lose up to 30 lbs. in just six weeks. Can it??

If you are not confused enough yet, there are 2 other infomercials for the same program. and

First you must take a metabolism test to identify your body type and follow an eating plan specific to your body type. The theory is that if you eat the foods recommended for your body type and continue a light workout of only 15-20 minutes twice a week you will lose 30 pounds in as little as six weeks time.

The truth is there is absolutely no clinical research out there to support these claims. It simply defies common sense and does not promote a safe and healthy program or lifestyle. Even though losing 30 pounds in six weeks is possible, sculpting your body for a complete and total makeover at the same time is, shall we be kind and say, “highly unlikely” and for sure not very healthy.


Does the New Diet and Exercise Program Teach You Which 3 Foods Naturally Burn Fat Off of Your Over 40 Body and Which Foods You Should Avoid?

Lot’s of hype surrounding exercise and diet program developed by Cynthia Pasquella largely due to the exposure the program got on the popular TV shows, Dr. Phil and The Doctors both airing in November of 2011.

Now, more recently seen on TV Infomercials, P.I.N.K stands for power, intensity, nutrition and cardio, cleverly spelled with a “k“. The program consists of 2 parts, four diet phases and three coinciding exercise phases. Designed specifically for women to lose up to 30 pounds and stay in shape, the P.I.N.K Method Diet takes about 80 days to complete. At present, there have not been enough “user results” data available due to the newness of the product to report a fair and accurate analysis at this time so stay tuned for updates.

However, here are a few important things to consider if you are thinking about trying the Pink Method Diet or any other TV weight loss program.

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