Does the New Diet and Exercise Program Teach You Which 3 Foods Naturally Burn Fat Off of Your Over 40 Body and Which Foods You Should Avoid?

Lot’s of hype surrounding exercise and diet program developed by Cynthia Pasquella largely due to the exposure the program got on the popular TV shows, Dr. Phil and The Doctors both airing in November of 2011.

Now, more recently seen on TV Infomercials, P.I.N.K stands for power, intensity, nutrition and cardio, cleverly spelled with a “k“. The program consists of 2 parts, four diet phases and three coinciding exercise phases. Designed specifically for women to lose up to 30 pounds and stay in shape, the P.I.N.K Method Diet takes about 80 days to complete. At present, there have not been enough “user results” data available due to the newness of the product to report a fair and accurate analysis at this time so stay tuned for updates.

However, here are a few important things to consider if you are thinking about trying the Pink Method Diet or any other TV weight loss program.

We all know that healthy eating and regular exercise are vital to any successful weight loss program but how about your own unique, individual needs? All diets are not created equal or, in other words, “no one diet fits all” as all the commercials would have you believe. Suppose you are over 40 and your metabolism has slowed down a bit, would you know which foods naturally burn fat? More importantly, would you know which foods to avoid like the plague?

The most complete and highly successful weight loss program over the last few years has been overwhelmingly The Diet Solution Program which is only available online and is guaranteed. To learn why it has been so successful for so many, especially women over 40, you can get all the free information in this video.

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