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Another year has come and gone and most of us have yet to meet our weight loss goals. But here we are in a new year, a new beginning and we are deluged with new weight loss commercials like the one below.

Which one would work best for me and which one can I afford is usually what we ask ourselves before diving in with all that new found enthusiasm.

Before we make that decision, let’s take a closer look at the new Nutrisystem Fast5 you probably just heard about on TV.

Nutrisystem has been around since 1982. Their program is all about portion control through pre-packaged meals delivered to your home. Every year there seems to be a new twist on the same product. For 2014, the new program is called Nutrisystem My Way and is jump-started with Nutrisystem Fast 5.

The Fast 5 program is free with the purchase of either one of the three 28-Day Nutrisystem My Way programs.

Here is what you need to consider but were not told about in the commercial.

1. How Much Does Nutrisystem My Way Cost?

The Basic package, called “Budget Friendly” sells for $229.99 for 28 days of pre-packaged meals.

The Core package, called the ” customizable pack” sells for $269.99 for a 28 day supply.

The Select Package, called the “Ultimate Variety Pack” that includes ice cream sells for $319.99 for a 28 day supply.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure either package is affordable for most of us.

2. The 5 day starter kit, (15 Entrees and 5 Desserts) can be purchased at your local Walmart for $44.88. This may be the best way to go simply to see if you can even eat the pre-packaged meals before you commit to any of the 28-Day programs.

3. Nutrisystem cleverly designed the Fast 5 program to help you lose 5 pounds in your first week in hopes that you would be motivated to continue to buy the 28-Day plans.

It consists of 2 different shakes, Energizing and Craving Crusher. Pretty smart move by Nutrisystem as I suspect most of us would lose 5 pounds in the first week drinking those shakes.

Does Work for Most People?

Yes, people have had some degree of weight loss success with Nutrisystem over the years but the High Cost and Taste of the pre-packaged food has always been the biggest drawback for most people.

What is the Best and Most Affordable Weight Loss Solution for Women?

The Venus Factor created by John Barban has gained quite a bit of positive attention as a favorite as a weight loss alternative for women only. If you have yet to hear about Leptin and how it affects weight loss in women, you really should watch the presentation below.

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