– 4 Things Every Woman Needs to Know.

The Food Lovers Diet has been around for a few years now and has been seen on TV in various forms of advertisements. Most all of the ads directed potential customers to where they could order the popular Food Lovers Fat Loss System to be delivered to their home.

Last year, Provida Life Sciences launched a new Food Lovers Online program in hopes that new customers would not have to wait 7-10 business days for delivery in order to get started. They even made it possible that a customer could try the Food Lovers Diet Free Online for the first 3 weeks.

However, even though it has become possible and convenient to access the Food Lovers Diet Online, there still remains lots of complaints among paying customers that will be addressed here in this Food Lovers Fat Loss System reviews.

Assuming you just saw a TV commercial much like the one above and are now searching for more accurate and reliable information, you may want to take a quick note of the next 4 points before you commit to buy The Food Lovers Diet. Especially if you’re a woman!

So, let’s take a look at 4 potential pitfalls with the FoodLoversOnline program.

1. Nowhere in the FoodLoversOnline commercial is mentioned the critical role Leptin plays in a woman’s metabolism rate that enables her to maximize fat loss for long and sustained periods of time. ( If you have not heard of the dramatic affects Leptin can have in women, you may want to watch the Short Video at the end that explains all about it.)

2. By far and away the biggest complaint you will hear in most all Food Lovers Diet Reviews is the horrible meal plan. It is nothing like what you saw in the commercial. In fact, it is far from it. Reportedly, it is so bad that they encourage you to eat the food bars they send in the food lovers fat loss kit so you will stay clear of most all of your favorite foods.

3. In many of the customer testimonials, the next biggest complaint has been the unusually high cost of FoodLoversFatLoss and how it is next to impossible to get them to stop charging your credit card every month. According to many who have ordered the program, after the supposed 3 week free trial, it is equally as difficult to get a refund.

4. Many women, especially women over 40, can sometimes have one or more health issues that would not make Food Lovers Online the safest or wisest choice for healthy weight loss.

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