The Food Lovers Fat Loss people have a new commercial and a new website,, for the new year instead of the usual Unfortunately, it’s the same old product just with a bit of a facelift and a new endorser.

If you just saw the new TV commercial you should be even more skeptical about the results they are boasting about for the length of the commercial then you may have been before. If you were to check out their newest website you cannot help but notice that they say “results are not typical”. You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to find it in the small print but it’s clearly there. How confident do you really feel about a product or program that has to make such a public statement?

Just for a moment, suppose there really was a way to enjoy all the foods you really love and experience amazing weight loss results that are typical.

The difference is in the Venus Factor.
Watch the Free Presentation now as John Barban reveals the 7 RULES of FAT LOSS and how to burn stubburn belly fat.

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