21 Day Fix Infomercial – Does 21 Day Fix Diet Work?

Unless you have stopped watching TV, by now you have surely seen the 21 day fix infomercial and all the hype that goes with it. The 21 day fix created by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese has caused quite a bit of commotion among viewers, but can you really believe the bold claims made in the 21 day fix infomercial or is there a much better alternative? Especially for WOMEN!

Before you visit 21dayfix.com and buy the 21 day fix program, you should get all your questions answered honestly from an independent and reliable source.

In this 21 day fix review, we will answer the most frequently asked questions consumers like you want to know about the 21 day fix diet before you spend any more of your hard earned money.

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

The 21 day fix workout schedule lasts 30 minutes for each of 6 workout DVD’s including the warm-up routines. As long as you have a little bit of room and access to a DVD player, you can follow along and do the 21 day fix workouts anywhere at any time.

Each one of the 21 day fix workouts is designed to target different muscle groups for toning thighs, hips, belly, as well as other difficult areas where most people struggle to lose weight and inches.

All six workouts incorporate some level of cardio to increase your heart rate and burn unwanted calories. Each 21 day workout can be modified to fit your level of endurance, time schedule, etc. Modifying the workouts may not get you the best results from 21 day fix, but you should see some positive results.

21 Day Fix Meal Plans

The 21 day fix meal plans are kept as simple as possible for ease of use at home or on the road. The 21 day fix meal plan is based on portion control of several different food groups. Each food group has it’s own color-coded container that you can fill with whatever food you like as long as it is in the appropriate food group category.

Example: The protein food group has a color-coded container that you can fill with a high protein food such as lean meat, chicken, or fish. Fast and slow burning carbohydrates have their own containers as well that you would fill with the corresponding food group. Clear enough?

With the 21 day fix meal plan, there is no DIET, per say, just portion control in each food group that you are allowed to consume daily as long as you are on the 21 day fix diet.

21 Day Fix Recipes

You will receive some of Autumn Calabrese’s favorite 21 day fix recipes in the quick start booklet included in the 21 day fix program. Most every 21 day fix recipe is Italian cuisine, but there are a few well known chocolate dessert recipes thrown in. Being Italian, Autumn Calabrese also suggests wine as a part of the 21 day fix menu as well.

Keep in mind what Autumn says in the 21 day fix infomercial, “losing weight consistently is 30% exercise and 70% diet and nutrition”. So naturally, most of the 21 day fix diet is based on how much and what you eat rather than centered around a rigorous exercise program.

How Much Does The 21 Day Fix Cost?

The cost of the 21 day fix diet is 3 payments of $19.95 each PLUS shipping and handling charges. All together, it will cost you approximately $75.00 to have the 21 day fix program shipped to your door.

If you choose expedited shipping, (which will drive the cost up) it will take 3-5 business days to arrive at your home compared to 2-3 weeks to arrive via standard shipping.

Is There Anything Else Included In The 21 Day Fix Diet?

YES. There are 3 Bonuses!

1. The Dirty 30 Workout – The workout Autumn Calabrese developed and recommends to her celebrity clients who need to stay in tip top shape.

2. The 3 Day Quick Fix – Highly recommended for those who need to lose 2-4 pounds quick. If you are about to attend an event but have little or no time to prepare, the 3 day quick fix was designed with you in mind.

3. 24/7 Online Support System – If you need help, guidance, or just someone to talk to, the 21 day fix online support system makes it easy for you to get motivated by connecting with other 21 day fix participants.

Does 21 Day Fix Work?

This is the question everybody wants the answer to. Remember all the stories you heard about on the 21 day fix infomercial? Well, if you go back and read the FINE PRINT, you will see clearly stated that the results shown are NOT TYPICAL!

In fact, independent studies have shown that only about 1 in 10 customers experience a positive result while on the 21 day fix diet.

Why? It’s simple. The 21 day fix diet is designed to be a “one size fits all” diet solution that appeals to everyone. That is great from a marketing perspective because it sounds good and creates more sales. But in REALITY, we all know that not every persons body is alike nor is their present circumstances or overall health the same.

For that matter, it has been scientifically and medically proven that MEN and WOMEN lose weight in entirely different ways and for many different reasons. In most cases, what causes a man to lose weight will often times cause a WOMAN of the same age to GAIN WEIGHT!

Is 21 Day Fix Worth It?

Many prospective customers have continually asked, “is the 21 day fix worth it?” The most honest answer is that over 65% of those that have tried the 21 day fix have not been completely satisfied with the results. Especially when you consider the price of the 21 day fix.

To be fair, and with all things considered, more people when asked is the 21 day fix worth it, have answered NO!

Is There a Better, Cheaper, and Healthier Way For Women To Lose Weight Than The 21 Day Fix?

YES…. It’s called The Venus Factor
Thanks to world renowned nutritionist John Barban, the Venus Factor is literally transforming the lives of THOUSANDS of WOMEN everyday.

If you are a woman desiring to lose 10 pounds or more effortlessly and without having to keep track of containers full of different foods;

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